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Student Q&A and Exam Walkthrough Videos

Welcome to a special blog entry in the lead-up to exams, where Laeticia answers a bunch of exam related questions sent in by Biz Man students from across Victoria, and walks through a range of recent exam questions, looking at how to craft the perfect exam response!

Question 1: How do I answer theories of motivation question?

Question 2: How do I answer 10 mark questions?

Question 3: Can you run through lean management?

Question 4: Exam Walkthrough Question - Lewin's Forcefield Analysis from VCAA 2018 Q3

Question 5: Exam Walkthrough Question - Porter's Generic Strategies VCAA 2019

Question 6: Exam Walkthrough Question - Leadership from VCAA 2019 Q2

Question 7: Exam Walkthrough Question - Lewin's 3 Step Change Model VCAA 2017 Q4

Question 8: What are the performance management strategies?

Have a question?

In the final days before exams Laeticia will be hosting one more Q&A sessions to help everyone get fully prepared for exams. If you have a question on how to best get prepared, have been stuck on an exam question or want to clarify an area of content send it through here, and Laeticia might answer it by video!

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