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Student Q&A + Exam Walkthroughs

Welcome to a special blog entry in the lead-up to exams, where Allen answers a bunch of exam related questions sent in by Bio students from across Victoria, and walks through a range of recent exam questions, looking at how to craft the perfect exam response!

Question 1: "What are the distinguishing features between the out of Africa theory, the multi regional hypothesis and the assimilation theory because the evidence for some of them seems to support the other theory as well?"

Question 2: What is the best method for interpreting diagrams and getting all of the relevant information from them?

Question 3: What things can initiate the cell-mediated immune response and the humoral immune response?

Question 4: How should you tackle comprehension style questions? How do you answer them?

Question 5: what exactly do we need to know and understand for human evolution. Can you go through the main things. And can you explain exactly what happens in humoral and cell mediated immunity?

Question 6: Exam Question Walkthrough - Respiration

Question 7: Exam Question Walkthrough - Gene Regulation

Question 8: Exam Question Walkthrough - Cell signaling

Question 9: Exam Question Walkthrough - Evolution

Question 10: Exam Question Walkthrough - Human Evolution

Question 11: Exam Question Walkthrough - Experimental Design

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