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Year 12 is no doubt a stressful year for everyone, and at times you may feel like you’re alone. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Think about your peers. You guys are like one big team who are going through this journey together. Now think about your teachers. They are your biggest support throughout this entire year and you should utilise them to the best of your ability. They are equipped with the best knowledge to help you through the year! Knowing this, I was able to form study groups and ask for help from my teacher whenever I needed help, and I felt extremely supported in doing so.

Teamwork makes the dream work

I found studying alone really draining when I was in Year 12. When I studied alone, I felt unmotivated and unproductive. However, I realised that VCE is like playing a team sport. You can work together with your peers to achieve similar goals, and hype your fellow team mates up whenever they are feeling stressed. Especially for HHD, I was part of a group chat with a group of around 8 other students who were also doing HHD. Whenever I didn’t understand a concept, I would message the group so that another group member could explain it to me and vice versa. In doing this, I was able to learn from other people, as well as consolidate my knowledge by explaining concepts to my peers. Through this active group chat and study sessions, we were able to lift each other’s spirits for the exams and sacs, as well as provide each other with confidence to push ourselves through the tough year!

Getting support

Teachers are often very underappreciated in school. They work numerous hours to provide the best support for all us students. I was a very shy student in high school, and I wasn’t the type to put my hand up in class to ask questions. However, I didn’t want to let any lingering questions haunt me until the exam day, so I always booked one-to-one sessions with my teacher so she could give me feedback on the practice exam questions that I completed, and identify areas for improvement. I didn’t do full practice exams, but I completed the extended response and data analysis questions that I struggled with, and handed it to my teacher to explain the breakdown of marks. In doing so, I became more confident for the exam.

Be humble & don’t be afraid!

There were a lot of things I found difficult with HHD, and I wasn’t ashamed that I didn’t know the answer or that I was struggling with the subject. There were so many people around me that could help me and provide me with appropriate advice in order to improve my skills and be more confident in the subject. Throughout my Year 12 journey, I realised the importance of asking for help when needed, because it is when I asked for help that I realised the important role that teachers play in helping students excel to the full potential. Furthermore, having the support of your peers can really lift your spirits before the exam, especially through study groups. I found it so much better to study as a group, rather than sitting at home all alone, cramming for hours at my desk, with no friendly faces to discuss topics with. The main thing I learnt from all this is that it’s definitely ok not to be ok!

Have a question?

In the final weeks before exams Martina will be hosting 2 Live Q&A sessions to help everyone get fully prepared for exams. If you have a question on how to best get prepared, have been stuck on an exam question or want to clarify an area of content send it through here, and tMartina might answer it live

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