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Week starting 2 November

Hi everyone!

So, this is it. My last few nuggets of advice to all of you with exams approaching pretty quickly. The last 10 weeks have been great and I’ve loved writing up posts every week that I know are helping someone somewhere.

Exams are soon now, less than a month away. For a lot of you this will be the first time sitting a VCAA exam and so I thought I’d break down everything I learnt throughout the whole exams process. So, this post isn’t specific to legal studies but is more just an overall do’s and don’ts for the very exciting exam season coming up

My number 1 tip would definitely be SLEEP!! Make sure you are getting those 8-10 hours of sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Do not run on 5 hours of sleep and wake up at 4 to study for your 9 am exam, it’s just not worth it. Sleep helps you consolidate everything you’ve learnt so far and if that means crawling into bed at 10pm then so be it. Treat yourself the best possible way you can during this period and once exams are over you can go back to sleeping at 2 and waking up at noon. But for these 3-4 weeks, be the best and most disciplined with your sleep schedule you can be.

Also, on a similar note, eat well!! Have lots of fruits and vegetables and drinks heaps of water. I’m not opposed to a little chocolate every few days (because let’s be honest, we do need something to keep us going) but please don’t live off of Maccas and KFC. Be the best you can possibly be to yourself with everything. Exercise is also a great way to destress and let go.

English is probably the most daunting exam for everyone, because it’s first up for a lot of us and the one that matters the most, but once that’s over you can really sense everyone’s nerves calming down. Try not to get too worked up about everything, remind yourself that no matter what, you will get to exactly where you want to be in life even if you don’t get the scores you want or need!!

Another great tool is to set out a schedule for the work you need to do every day. For example, I set myself 6 hours of work every day because that was my peak of productivity. After 6 hours I would find myself getting lethargic and not working well enough, but I know heaps of people that work through 8+ hours every night because that’s what worked for them.

If you find yourself getting drained after 5 hours of work a day, that’s your capacity, don’t push yourself harder because you might burn out, just find smarter ways to work with the 5 hours you do have.

I liked to work on 2 subjects per day, any more than that and I would start getting overwhelmed. So, I pulled out a calendar (you can just print one out) and allocated 3 hours for each subject per day and I allocated them in such a way that I had different subjects to work on every day, which kept me from getting too bored and stuck in a rut with a subject. In the 3 hour windows I wrote down the tasks that I had to complete that day in bold , and then any extra tasks that I wanted to complete so that I knew what to work on if I finished my main tasks for the day.

This is my biggest piece of advice, ask lots and lots of questions. I probably went to school nearly every day to ask my teachers for help. I would get them to mark practice exams for subjects that are harder to self-mark like legal and psychology and would ask my teachers how to solve questions I didn’t understand for more maths/science subjects. Definitely make use of your teachers, they are the best resource you have at your disposal and I’ve literally never met a teacher that didn’t want to help.

Also, work with your friends! But make sure you’re working with the right friends. We are all different and some students are really intent on doing well and some have other priorities and that’s perfectly fine! So just find people that have the same goals as you and work with them because chances are, they will be working just as hard as you if not harder and can help you with bits your struggle with and vice versa.

Anyways, that’s all from me! I’m so sure you’re all going to do super well this year and absolutely smash those exams and get to exactly where you want to be. Good luck!

Good luck and goodbye for now!

Have a question?

In the final days before exams Risha will be hosting 2 Live Q&A sessions to help everyone get fully prepared for exams. If you have a question on how to best get prepared, have been stuck on an exam question or want to clarify an area of content send it through here, and Risha might answer it live!

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