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How to actually finish the legal studies exam on time

2 hours. That’s the amount of writing time you get for most of your subject’s and that’s definitely the time you get for legal studies. However, legal studies is one of the only exams that is a true race against time.

Heaps of people don’t finish the exam every year, essentially throwing away a bunch of marks due a lack of time management skills. It is really hard to finish; I admit it BUT it is definitely possible!! I know, I’ve done it!

Here are some easy tips to help you make sure you’re nailing your exam in time!

Use your reading time!! Probably the most underused resource in every game. Read the exam once over and then go ahead and re-read the questions that you may be finding a little bit difficult and start to formulate plans to answer them in your head. As soon as writing time starts, go ahead and pencil in the plan in the margins. This way, even if you come back to the question later on, you’ve got your reading time plan sitting there in front of you.

Figure out a method that works for you and STICK to it for every single practice exam so that you nail it for the real thing. For example, personally I ALWAYS started with the 10 marker first, I then moved on to the 9 markers, 8 markers, 7 markers so on and so forth. So essentially in the last half an hour of the exam I only had 2-4 markers left which is a lot less overwhelming than having the 10-marker left.

Now this worked for me, but it may not work for everyone. However, please try this out!! I know a lot of people that answered the exam using this method and they found that they finished it in time. If you find this too stressful or overwhelming to complete a bunch of big questions in a small amount of time, try interspersing a few short ones in the middle!! As soon as you find a method that works for you, STICK to it. Don’t change it up for every exam, consistency is really important.

Okay, so you’ve got your method down but for some of the questions you’re just not finishing it in time! This is time to check if you’re writing fast enough. Time yourself for every practice question you do!! Make sure you are getting under or on that 1.5 a minute mark. Try writing with a heavier pen for your practices so when you get to the real thing your hand flies across the page with a normal pen.

If you find that you’re thinking about the questions for too long and your handwriting itself is fine, then you need to sharpen your ability to gather all your thoughts and structure a plan for questions. I’ve talked about mind-mapping before and that method is great for this!! It really sharpens connections across every aspect of the study design! Also practice questions are really great for this!! The more you practice thinking quickly and on the spot, the better you’ll get at it!!

That’s all from me today, I’m sure with practice you’ll all be able to finish in time, but if not don’t worry, it’s really not the end of the world!!

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