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Exam Preparation Week 1

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

My name is Ned and I’ll be running a Further Maths blog over the next 10 weeks in the lead up to the Further exam.

This blog will be focused on what I was doing each week and what I would recommend for others to be focusing on as we move towards ‘D-Day’.

This week I think students should be focused on starting their bound references, a good bound reference is an amazing resource and should be our first priority before we start doing revision questions and practice exams.


These are recommendations and not everyone learns in the same way, so take all advice with a grain of salt.

Structure of a ‘Bound Reference’

1. Specific theory from the Textbook/Study Design

2. Example questions for each topic

3. Specific content which you find more challenging

NOTE: I don’t think it matters whether your bound reference is typed or handwritten, whatever you prefer!

Tips and Tricks for a strong ‘Bound Reference’

1. Colour Code each topic

  • Ensures searching through your bound reference is simple and easy. 2. Highlight key theory

  • Allows you to find key concepts quickly in an exam.

3. As you complete more revision questions, add the challenging and most common questions to your bound reference.

  • Perhaps a similar question could appear on the final exam!

4. Table of Contents Page

  • Allows referencing to be extremely efficient.

5. Use the chapter summaries at the end of each chapter in the Textbook • They are a great resource!

6. Don’t bind you reference until you are closer to the exam

  • If you do want to bind your reference now, leave blank pages which you can add theory or example questions to later!

Good luck in your remaining SACS and stay safe in these weird times!

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