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The UK's leading company for exam preparation

Get your students exam ready with GCSE  exam preparation workshops and resources for 9 subjects. 

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Every teacher's dream is to have their students walk into exams feeling 100% ready, and with a complete understanding of what the examiners are looking for in each section of the exam and how to demonstrate this.

This is exactly what Connect's exam preparation workshops do. 


We run bespoke subject specific exam preparation workshops across 9 different GCSE subjects. Organising exam preparation days or events can be like doing a jigsaw puzzle on a tightrope as you try to coordinate different speakers and teachers' schedules. Save yourself the time and hassle by letting Connect do it all for you.

See our full list of subjects here.


Each workshop is accompanied by a comprehensive study guide that includes full course summaries for each subject, insights into how to answer the toughest exam questions, and tips by the country's top performing students for how to ace exam preparation. Normally retailing for £20, each student gets a free copy included with each workshop.

What people are saying...

"I honestly did not expect that a Maths  lecture could be so helpful and informative. There were so many things throughout the year that I had missed which just clicked when they were explained in a clear and visual way."


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The workshops


The 3 keys to high impact exam preparation workshops

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Content Review

Each workshop reviews the key course content so that students do not have any knowledge gaps prior to exams. You choose the content topics based on assessment data and the strengths and weaknesses of each class so that each session is tailored perfectly to meet your students' needs.

Students leave confident that they know all the content in the exam.

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Exam Review

Each workshop walks students through past exam questions, showing students how to put together the perfect exam answer, including common student mistakes and a guide to what markers are looking for.

Students leave confident that they know they can apply the content to a range of exam questions.

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Engaging Presenters

Each workshop is facilitated by a presenter who has previously topped the subject themselves. These high- achieving presenters not only "walk the walk" having achieved top study scores but have been picked for their ability to relate to and engage an audience.

Students are focused from the start to the end of each workshop.


We have exam preparation workshops for the following subjects:


  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Combined Science

  • English literature

  • English language

  • History


  • Geography

  • Maths

  • Physics


Study Guides

What people are saying...

"The session was detailed and engaging, allowing plenty of student involvement and question time. Students could really relate to the presenter."


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